World War Z XP Farm – Fast Way to Level Up, Earn Money & Prestige in 2020


The fastest and easiest way in World War Z to farm xp, earn money and prestige in 2020. There are multiple ways to level up but I find this to be the easiest. It takes about 3 minutes to complete, so you could basically do it 3 times in 10 minutes.

875 xp per run – 2,625 total in 10mins
250 credits per run – 750 total in 10mins

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World War Z XP Farm – Fast Way to Level Up, Earn Money & Prestige in 2020


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  1. This method has been around for awhile but was nerfed. However, this is still my GO TO farming method for XP and credits. It's by far the fastest and easiest. Perfect for new players or veterans who want to prestige fast!

  2. Like the channel and the way you bring the information out. I subbed and will recommend this channel. I appreciate the tips and knowledge Bro.

  3. Highly knowledgeable an skilled an he takes the time to explain the steps which is awesome ?. The most chillest Youtuber that does world war z content

  4. Hi everyone who wondering if the mod is still working or not. It still works, just tried it today at 9:16 pm EST. Both the exp and the cash, my dumbass bought prestige point so i guess i have to redo everything again.

  5. Oh snap. This will really come in handy. Can farm 1000 supplies and a ton of xp in about 10 minutes. Perfect. Thanks for showing this.

  6. Is there any one playing on PS4? I want the wakizashi sword and I just need to do one extreme mission to get it, I tried with randoms many time but all failed if not we all died at the very end. I do not have friends that play this game with me so can anyone please lend a hand thanks!

  7. If anyone plays ps4 I can mod your money to max, challenge coins to max, all character bio/all character appearances, all guns unlocked including all extreme completion weapons example katana/sniper, and max level 999, my discord is TheHoneyBear69#1682

  8. May be a stupid question but can you build up a heap of credits and delete the patches to use the original method of just opening the last weapon upgrade instead of having to open every single one?


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