World War Z Best Class in 2020 – A Class Build Guide (Fixer & Medic Builds)


World War Z Best Class in 2020, A Class Build Guide. What is the best class in world war z game and where is a class guide. What is the best build and guide for each class in wwz? Leave a comment with your build and ideas!

? In this Video:
・ 01:35 Medic – Build Guide
・ 07:45 Fixer – Supply Bag Build Guide
・ 13:38 Fixer – Masking Gas Build Guide
・ 16:09 Remaining Classes

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What is the best class in world war z? This has to be the most frequently asked question about world war z. Everyone wants to play the strongest possible class to help them farm up and beat all of the missions. I totally get it, sometimes we want to make the grind easier or beat all of the missions on the highest difficutly as fast as possible. I’ve been there, I understand. World War Z has been around for almost one whole year and a lot has changed in regards to class builds and perks. It’s really tough to say if any of the classes are actually “the best.” The more seasoned players will say any class is the best and that it’s all subjective. New players may think it’s the hellraiser for it’s explosive kit and zombie destruction. Point is, whether there is a best class or not, there is still some better classes out there, let’s start with those.

Now Before we begin, I have 2 quick disclaimers:

1. my classes are not maxed out anymore because i lost my save file before cloud save was introduced into the game, if you don’t beleive me, check out my older build guides from last year. I grinded each class to the max.

and 2. these builds and guides are off of my own opinions and some of the communities and to be honest there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Please respectfully share your ideas and builds in the comments below because there are a lot of new players playing right now and they need our help.

I have taken multiple polls within the community with almost 2000 total votes. The class that always appeared on top was the medic. I do believe that the medic is the best or better class due to it’s clutch features.

The medic has the ability to stealth teammates, give temporary health, pick up downed teammates from afar and have the chance to not deplete a medkit on use. The medic is the class that keeps everyone alive and healthy while you are slaying zombies. My personal build choice is as follows:

(SEE VIDEO 01:35)

The next best class on the list is the Fixer, for so many obvious reasons, you could easily argue that this is takes the #1 spot. The fixer is able to keep your entire team alive, is able to self revive if the whole team goes down or you can provide explosive ammo and equipment charges. The fixer is like the best support class ever. My personal build choice for the fixer is as follows:

(SEE VIDEO 07:45 & 13:38)

As for the rest of classes, according to the polls, exterminator and hellraiser were the close 3rd place winners. This video has gone much longer than anticipated but hopefully you can find some use out of those builds and start grinding some of the better classes in world war z. If you have any questions or remarks make sure to leave a comment down below. If you are looking for more build guides make sure to check out my other videos on the channel, I have over 250 world war z videos. Make sure to like and subscribe and we’ll see you in the next one, peace.


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  1. Enjoy the video 🙂
    ・ 01:35 Medic – Build Guide

    ・ 07:45 Fixer – Supply Bag Build Guide

    ・ 13:38 Fixer – Masking Gas Build Guide

    ・ 16:09 Remaining Classes

  2. Can’t wait to see a video for the newest update looking for a tier list since there’s 10 classes now and everything got re worked

  3. Does sniper rifle consider as semi automatic rifle? Will the Power Shot perk increases the penetration to beyond 2 or max at 2?

  4. When I see a hellraiser in any group after normal… concerns spike.
    *Hailraisers (some) down their teammates with explosives. Careless where they toss their C4.

  5. Definitely going to try this build an sacrifice the smg starting weapon to help out the team with heals an stim shots. I gonna pickup the season pass so yeah I’ll definitely picking up the weapons they provide u with through the map ?. Especially the rifles and shotguns those weapons be dropping Zombies ?‍♂️ easy in packs in an instant. Also when they climb an form a ladder pop the bottom row an they fall like janga crazy awesome

  6. The fixer is the only one I play with. Cause I always get stuck on a game, were the people think they playing COD. An just go gun-ho, and get down all the dam time.

  7. Crash crash crash crash crash
    Man, i can only play 1 map. The 2nd or 3rd game it will crash on loading screen.
    I tried reinstalling and rebuilding database, nothing fixed. Wasted money! (Ps4)

  8. ??? i think you misread Shadow Walker perk, it say, Masking Grenade effect duration increased by 3 seconds. (Base 6 seconds)
    it doesnt increase the masking effect duration from 3 to 6 seconds it increased it from 6 to 9 seconds

    since Darkness Falls perk also says Masking Grenade gas cloud duration is increased by 5 seconds (Base 5 seconds)
    which mean the gas cloud last for 10 seconds

    Base mean the minimum it does/last if no perk increase it.

  9. I like the sporting rifle because I don’t have to spend points when playing horde mode and do the my round 2 on the second section. I don’t use the masking Grenade so I use the supply bag a lot

  10. is this build also applies for horde mode? if it doesn't, can i request for a new video for horde mode? thanks !!

  11. Great video! Want you to know that you help me so much everyday. Just one question bro: 15:15 Don't you have 9 seconds of invisibility with the skill "Shadow Walker"? 'Cause I think it's the base of 6 plus those 3, so the total is 9. Or the number 6 includes those 3 secs of the skill?

  12. sounded kinda like you advocated for all classes in the beginning and then went straight for medic and fixer, im sooooooooooooo tired of the medic fixers, imo fixer is nr1 yes, nr2 i would argue is slasher, who is probably at the bottom of everyones list, dont know why, literally op, start with chainsaw, nothing can touch you, feels like you got infinite gasoline

  13. Hey Venatix, great videos!! Thanks a lot for the quality content..
    I was wondering if you could make a video about builds for Horde Mode?
    I mean, take these two builds and add the other 2 characters (Exterminator and Hellraiser/Gunslinger/Slasher) which is the best team for horde probably
    or just make a vid of all classes best build for horde mode 🙂

  14. I'm new to this game,played it for 2 days. But I'm not new to survival coop games. I'm really good at cod mw3,kf2,dying light so in other words I aint no noob.
    I'm looking for people to play with on insane or just have a good time,I'm on ps4 (yes Ik this game is cross platform…)

    And I am a team player if I have a good,chill squad ?


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