What is China's New Hantavirus?


According the latest news reports, a person in China tested positive for Hantavirus. While he was on his way back to work he passed away. This virus usually infects the rodents only but it doesn’t cause any disease in them.

If humans come in contact with infected rodents or their waste such as urine, saliva, or feces, they might get infected with the Hantavirus. This virus doesn’t spread quickly by air and there are very low chances of a person getting it.

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  1. Year 2018:"Hantavirus has been detected in China"
    Next Month:*Hantavirus dissapears by nothing*
    Year 2020:"Coronavirus has been detencted in China"
    Year 2019:"35M covid cases has been detected in the whole world"
    Everyone:This is a true disaster pandemic!
    Me:True that!

  2. In Canada, the deer mouse spreads it by biting, or if you step on it’s droppings or if you go into an abandoned building and step on the material that they use to make their nests. Stepping on those things can send it to the air.

  3. Corona Virus: Let's fight you Shit
    Hantavirus: I'm Fucking Ready bitch

    People: Shorely There's nothing to distract these Species
    Hantavirus And corona Virus looks at Humans without fighting*
    People:Ahh shit Here we go again

  4. Me learning about someone who died of hantaviruse:panick

    Me learning theres a low chance to get it:exhale

  5. I know I'm a month late but, WTF china? We have 1 virus to worry about we dont need 2! Are you kidding me right now?

  6. 2020 was the most difficult year for humans hopefully 2021 will be a peaceful year for all the humans who suffered from this virus and remember stay healthy everyone❤❤

  7. I love learning about viruses and infections. It’s so interesting! I’ve never heard of hantavirus! I also learnt that Buddhists eat animals that don’t eat other animals as the animal that has eaten the animal may have a virus then the Buddhist’s would catch the virus. Also when pigs and other animals get slaughtered they spread the virus more, then spread it onto humans. That’s what happened with coronavirus kind of, but with bats or a wet market.

  8. So our plan is to have a person that has coronavirus and they go to a infected rodent and then the person will sneeze than the coronavirus will go in and see hantavirus. Then coronavirus will sneeze and then hantavirus is infected.

  9. Can I please have a source for this information? Thanks!
    Thanks for the heart, but can I have an information source?

  10. Hantavirus is kind of getting worse.

    It reported 768 cases, 9 death's and 34.818 suspect cases but 1.482 suspect cases were tested and only 768 confirmed cases

  11. everyone: bye 2019
    asteroid: hi
    everyone: your harmless lol
    coronavirus: hi
    everyone: ew
    hantavirus: hi


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