Westworld Season 3 | Welcome to Westworld: Evan Rachel Wood & Aaron Paul – Analysis Featurette | HBO


Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul discuss their shared fandom of the series and the new narrative in advance of the Season 3 premiere. #HBO #Westworld
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Live without limits in a world where every human appetite can be indulged. Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and more — this dark odyssey follows the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Now renewed for Season 3.

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Westworld Season 3 | Welcome to Westworld: Evan Rachel Wood & Aaron Paul – Analysis Featurette | HBO

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  1. Aaron Paul, He was on the series of "The Path".. Now i know why he left in the " The Path " Series..Bcoz this West World series is so unpredictable and Surrealism and I love the story goes in each episodes…???

  2. if your story is week, no matter how many threads you create it won't work…. not expecting much from the finale

  3. That genre episode wasn't trippy enough, but I'm glad it wasn't coz the action scenes could've drowned in itself if it had been.

  4. Well, they DO have chemistry between them. The way they look at each other… Priceless!.. Love them both. Amazing actors and personalities.

  5. I love that when Aaron Paul said he plays Caleb, both him and Evan RW looked at each other and knew there was more to him than "just" playing Caleb…

  6. Caleb is Teddy, but he doesn't know it yet, When that 1 bullet passed through Dolores it did hit Caleb but he is too shocked to know what happened, in thus video when asked what character he'd like to play he says The man in black then gives a hint by saying Teddy. He is the 6th pearl.

  7. After her Kobe comments I hope Marilyn Manson actually beat her up and abused her legit not just her lying for metoo points. Season 3 visually looks really cool but storyline sucks, her whole team are ALL Dolores clones plus Aaron Paul who barely does anything?

  8. do they know west world is human story . and mans hue = human ( reflection) human body is DRONE. ever thought your own eyes ( CAMERAS ) are watching you ? WHO IS WATCHING ?

  9. People don't give enough credit to editors and the sound design team.. Man those bassy or classical simple tune at crucial events is amazing..

  10. I think the person I can identify with the most is the young William before he went psycho, and to some degree Ford.

  11. Esta Dolores esta bien BUENOTA la condenada, en la temporada 1 que salio desnuda se le miraba un cuerpazo de chuparse los dedos xD

  12. I hate Dolores/Wyatt now, because she is just a huge hypocrite now. At season 1, I wanted to see Dolores win, now I wanna see someone putting a bullet in her arrogant head. Meave all the way!


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