Westworld Season 3 Episode 2: Explained


The Winter Line, an explosive episode bringing to life simulations and revealing the infamous Serac, once and for all. This was one of my favorite Westworld episodes. So many things that just felt like solid moves by the show runners, building up to what I imagine will be an incredible twist this season!

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  1. Okay, honestly the "discount stormbreaker" made me chuckle… I wish I didn't know he's the older, shorter, chubbier brother, since it is somewhat distracting, but this at least made up for it little bit
    … 🙂

  2. HELP! I know my Q is a bit late but … Bernard tells Stubbs he recalled Dolores looking at the book for Liam Dempsey. He refers to his tablet to show Stubbs & accesses the image of JUNIOR.

    BUT, in the flashback, the book doesn't specify whether it's Jr OR Sr.

    Is this significant? Which Dempsey book did Dolores really read?

  3. Remember the two teams that went to Westworld in season 2. The first team of commandos were after the memory ball. I don't think they were Delos, but Serac's men. That data would make Reoboam absolute, with the variant behavior that was displayed by humans in the park. Outliers and variant behavior are almost the same thing. Most people behave a certain way at work because if they don't, they get canned. they might behave differently at home, but humans still repress MOST desires because of crime or stigma. True outliers are off the grid. RICO was an app for Roeboam to channel those variant behaviors in a way that was controllable for Reoboam's insight (not Incite). Even though most of Reobams team was wiped out, enough survived to harvest host memory balls. They were probably active during the second team's operation.

  4. I feel like the time dilation wasn't dramatic enough. They should've been nearly frozen in time. Also, where did these goons learn gun training? 9:32 You never form a circle around a target like that. They're likely to shoot their buddy!

  5. 3:11

    It's the West Philippine Sea. I guess the showrunners aren't aware of the current events here in Asia. ?

    I'm Filipino by the way.

  6. 10:10 This circle reminds me a Zen circle aka Ensō…
    It represents togetherness, connection and the circle of life (birth, death and rebirth). The circle is drawn in one single breath using one single brushstroke as a meditative practice in letting go of the mind, allowing the artist to create and feel the moment of awe and ‘the very now’ – which in essence is a manifestation of free will. Ensō may be open or closed. Fully closed/complete circle represents perfection or a desire of it, while the open/incomplete shows the beauty of imperfection, development, movement, allowing the universe to be the way it is.
    Ironically, the circle that we see is incomplete. It hints that even the most advanced algorithms (as Rehoboam) can’t cope with chaos, butterfly effect and free will. Otherwise, the universe would be a Newton’s clockwork universe.

  7. 8.14: in the show it was not square root of zero, but square root of -1.
    Square root of zero is zero. That's easy answer. But the square root of negative one doesn't exist. Taking a square root of something means that you're looking for the number that was multiplied to itself (or was squared, i.e. 2*2 or -2*-2 equals 4, so square root of 4 can be 2 or -2. But since multiplying a negative with a negative becomes a positive, all products of squaring a number is positive. Therefore theoretically there the square root of a negative number is not real, but imaginary. This is symbolized as "i".

  8. I like your analysis, but you saying that you want to go to such a place to kill people, Nazis or not (which also were not one prototype person, but had good people within them if you look at individual stories, and some full of fear of their own life, which probably no one can really understand when in Corona times people freak out over no toilet paper), and especially knowing that in that case they would be hosts which are 'violated' to be there, makes me just question the nature of reality in general.. don't get me wrong, (most) Nazis for sure were some of the most despicable people ever, but if you want go to to ANY place to kill anyone, maybe question that idea for a second.. after all we're not talking of 'just' a video game, that's what Westworld is about, conscious hosts that have to do things that are hurtful

  9. If you watched Person Of Interest (Another Nolan TV show about two AI fighting each other) a simulation episode is represented and is the coolest

  10. I believe the other pearls/balls that the machines are guarding belong to all the hosts from S2 finale that did not make it into the forge. Cause if Sarac was able to get Mave's pearl then one could guess he was able to get the others that were left.

  11. I'm not sure why so many people are going off on the garden of eden. Because dude is eating an apple? First, the snake didn't eat the apple, he told eve to eat it. The snake was tempting eve to rebel to become an equal to god. None of that is going on here and the reference seems more red herring than a hint for plot. I guess the christian dogma has so deeply penetrated western culture it's gonna be "found " in almost anything… Anyway, great episode; glad they have left the time line BS behind…

  12. I think the circle is earth and the black dots at the outline are people the huge mainframe is ”tracking”, the more people you have in a single area the stronger and thicker the black area gets. This is why part of the circle is also almost blank, not many people live in the middle of the ocean and in that lower part of the world.

  13. Season 3 is a move from WW theme park to real world Delores wants to destroy human seriously roll credits roll credits

  14. CHEERED.
    "Yelled" isn't the best way to describe what these moments you're having are. One yells at the neighbors to shut their f**king dog up, or it's John McEnroe giving the umpire sh*t.

    "Cheered" is the term you're looking for. You cheer when you experience positve energy, emotion.


    Bosses and parents like to yell at people, too. lol

  15. 9:33 not that competent, given they are shooting from all sides…. You'd never surround something in that way spraying off automatic fire cos you'd endanger your teammates opposite you.

  16. What about the control Serac used to freeze Maeve? Bernard used one as well to literally change of personality, right? but until this season this type of control never was shown to us before I think.


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