Westworld scenes of Dr. Robert Ford (Part 1)


All the scenes of the great Sir Anthony Hopkins from Westworld.

You can find Part 2 here:

1. The lady with the white shoes 00:20
2. A product of mistakes 3:09
3. To meet my maker 5:09
4. William of Ockham 10:34
5. Boring people can’t get bored 12:13
6. The magician 13:31
7. The new storyline 15:29
8. Wyatt 19:16
9. My partner Arnold 22:10
10. Theresa vs. Ford 29:10
11. The greyhound 34:57
12. No one who understands as we understand 37:01
13. Ford vs. Man in black 41:49
14. New storyline canyon 46:46
15. Turn the other cheek 48:38
16. Jock 52:14
17. Arnold’s voice 52:57
18. A blood sacrifice 54:25
19. What door? 1:00:40

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  1. Man the first season is easily my favorite out of all of them so far. Anthony Hopkins is a plus but this season was so poetic in a sense

  2. Every single moment of every single scene that Ford is in is special. The acting and the feelings and thoughts and the way Hopkins is Ford and he portrays him is top, top quality.

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  4. 43:21 – William: "…I always felt this place was missing a real villain. Hence my humble contribution."
    Dr. Ford: "I admit, I lack the imagination to even concieve of someone like you…"

    What a well-phrased and sophisticated diss. I miss Dr. Ford in WW.

  5. Brilliant work putting all of Ford’s scenes together. Thank you much. You catch new things re watching this. Cheers

  6. Cullen got it because she just didn't get it, and worse, didn't even try. The whole thing was right in front of her.

  7. U gotta know Dr. Ford is the best character ever when u look up "best scenes" and the first two suggestions are all of his scenes divided in two parts.

  8. “Old Bill” is the only host to me who seems like an actual host. Like I can see him locked away in Disneyland on some old broken down ride.

  9. "Miss Hale, I was not aware those with your level of insight (INCITE) needed any more reflection" 54:33

    Did Ford know of Serac? ?

  10. 0:54:31 "Ms. Hill, I was not aware those with your level of *INCITE*, needed any more reflection…" -Dr. Ford #Season3 #EasterEgg

  11. 23:34
    That white face head.
    Isn't that what we see in the masked party(playing Weeknd, Ramin djwadi cover) in season 3 episode 4

  12. 54:35 "Ms. Hale, I was not aware that those with your level of insight (Incite), needed any more reflection." Mind blown.


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