WATCH: President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters


President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force discuss the spread, response and peak of coronavirus in the United States.
#coronavirus #COVID-19 #President Trump
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  1. touching face. seriously? makes no sense. no more hand shakes either huh- sounds like plans for permanent separation. No. You know the Truth in your God given instincts. By ours (God)not theirs.

  2. Dr. Faussi the best way to stop bigger transmit is to have everyone test it, from there you can isolate people who test positive, that will eventual stop the spread.

  3. Kate Middleton Recommended a $64 Face Cream to Man-chelle Obama? It's going to take more than cream for wife1st Muslim POTUS. Man-chelle truly is a Viagra deterrent Laud Ham Mercy

  4. Please drink neem leaf juice 5

    minutes before lunch. It will

    control spreading of corona virus.

    If already show positive result,should not drink neem leaf juice.
    Spray neemoil +organic soap+water mixture in malls,schools,offices,road
    to kill corona virus


    Mr.Dhananjayan (Neem agronomist).India.

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  5. And not one of them sitting is more than 6 feet apart. But wait isn't there a viral pandemic going about. Seems one rule for them the rest for us.

  6. I don't understand why nobody who lost a loved one takes him to court for letting the virus spread for 2 months.


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