The Platform (2019) SPOILER FREE REVIEW | Netflix VOD Sci-fi Horror Thriller


So many of you have been talking about this one! I watched on the weekend and couldn’t wait to suggest it to you! This Spanish psychological sci-fi horror thriller film is available to stream on Netflix now!


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  1. Wait a second. So if the main character entered this building on his own free will because he wanted to quit smoking and smoking is an act of free will, is the film commentating on how our own terrible choices trap us in a prison?

    I'm going to rewatch this so I can fully grasp the meaning of it.

  2. Gives “Los de Abajo” a new meaning! I really liked this movie and the music was cool. I wish it had a different ending. I just kind of don’t think the ending was in line with the whole rest of the movie.

  3. I just watched this. Best film I've seen in a long time. I haven't seen the cube yet but I've been meaning to. My A.D.D. has gotten so bad that it's hard for me to watch much lately but this movie had me hooked from the beginning to the end.

  4. I didn't like this film. Nothing happened, nothing developed and nothing was revealed. It really didn't have anything beyond an interesting main concept.

  5. I haven't seen this yet, but plan on doing so soon. But the mere fact that you even bring up "Martyrs" should mean that you don't need to warn anyone about anything, really. 🙂

  6. I loved this movie! Had to pause quite a few times cuz it was too intense. I didn't even know how I slept. Good movie 9/10

  7. Good tee! You remind me of the babe.

    As an allegory for our times — all times? — sure, but it didn't grab me as a horror flick. I bounced off this one: strong echoes of Cube in the setup and design, didn't get any Martyrs vibe at all.

  8. This movie was more netflix tier mass produced garbage. Poor dialogue, annoying characters who do forced dumb shit all the time, 2deep4u message that is actually extremely surface level & shallow, forced racism tropes(a black dude literally gets shit on in the face), excessive poorly done gore scenes, the list goes on. It's a poorly done version of the cube which is a much better film. The whole movie just feels cheap and every theme feels watered down so dumb people can be like "oh damn that's deep..".

  9. I wanted very much to like this film, but it just fell flat, especially the ending. The message is extremely heavy handed, obvious from the very beginning, and then using too many religious allegories lending to the heavy handiness. Then it just ends, I'm honestly surprised about how disappointed I was.

  10. I feel like I'm the only person who hated this film!! I don't know exactly why, but I just thought the social commentary was too overt, and all the characters were just awful in my opinion. Also feels like the film was trying to do way too much? Idk!! Does anyone agree?

  11. Always nice to see horror review channels, trying to grow on the same on my own, alredy suscribed here, if you havent watched them, i suggest the movie "Angst" 1983 and "Der Todesking" quite disturbing movies.


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