Sulli has passed away [KBS WORLD News Today / ENG / 2019.10.15]


Sulli has passed away [KBS WORLD News Today / ENG / 2019.10.15]

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  1. Korea is very dangerous so if you go there please stay with your family or with a guy that is your relative and please don’t go alone at night even with your (girls) friend

  2. …why do you blur our the mv and the drama? When all of them in those videos are public figures where a lot of people know who they are anyway?

  3. Oh due to depression we Indians also a great legend Sushant Singh Rajput but he didn't die because of suicide, but he was murdered by the bollywood

  4. 그녀가 죽은 후에 그녀를 보았지만 그녀는 항상 내 마음에 살 것입니다 ♡

  5. knetz pls stop bullying these people
    most of them aren't really strong enough to handle this
    I'm really begging
    pls pls

  6. “Depression can kill people” yeah it’s right, it will be more painful than death so she preferred death instead of living with depression…..
    The same happened here in India….an actor named Sushant Singh Rajput has taken his own life last month and many Indians were very sad ?….but it was not like suicide it was like a murder…still the police are investigating…..mostly many idols are taking their own lives due to depression….what a sad news….☹️

  7. So sad we only see the brighter glamorous side of these show biz people what they actually go through in their personal life no body bothers and cares it's so painful

  8. Why I gave it a thumbs down!!!
    is because its sad sad sad ?
    Mother fuckers here in NZ talking shit about me saying I'm this and that all because some ladies at work had a problem with the way I am.
    So they took to instagram and posted shit up and week after that other started adding shit on top.
    I get people driving pass my house yelling and screaming shit but it's died down a bit. But it's pretty much the city is buying into it. Maybe almost the country. Places I go they know my face and whisper most pull out their phones and put it online this when I'm just out doing washing shopping basically doing me
    But I'm not letting it stop me living life. I know what's good. Havnt got time to convince everyone it's not true and I'm not looking for their love or approvel FUCK EM ALL but il still be respectful. So now that they gave me a pedastool I'm gonna use it to my advantage. Do some music.

    ?R. I. P SULLI ? safe journey❤️

  9. Gosh this is shocking for all those who like to bully others grow up and act your age, think about how other people are feeling and what it would be like to step in there shoes for those who only put kind comments keep going, my prayers are with her family ??‍?‍??

  10. This was a few years ago but i have to speak out.Why are people so heartless and so mindless,not knowing that their actions and their words have effects on people.Bullying is not a joke.Depression is not a joke.Death is not a joke.


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