So Min "Se Chan, Why did you touch my figers earlier?" [Running Man Ep 483]


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  1. If you all wondering why sechan turned to Jong kook to explain, if you watch previous episodes, sechan is always following Jong kook. When Jong kook suggest something sechan would run to him and say, Hyung I did what you told me. It’s something he always did since the first time he joined. So, I get why he would turn for Jong kook because he tease sechan like hell and enjoy his reactions. The show my ugly duckling, hah and Jong kook had so much fun teasing him about somin. In all honesty, I don’t think there is anything between somin and sechan. Sechan always said he doesn’t like girls who get drunk a lot and that’s a big thing somin always do in her free time. They were always like siblings in the earlier episodes and had no Chemistry in that way, but the show made it weird and forced this love line that sechan was obviously very uncomfortable with but played along since it got them both some decent screen time.

  2. 0:38 looks like jaesuk leaned forwards to talk to Jongkook (maybe calm him or something lol) but haha pulled him back ?? wasss goin onnnn

  3. Others: "nah, this is just for business. they're doing this just for the show."

    Well who cares??? I mean if their "couple gestures" are really just for the show then they are doing well bec they successfully flatter many viewers. If they're doing it for real then much better??? But either of the two, they look cute on the show & even offcam (based on their personal TMI in some episodes) ?

  4. Lol all these shippers. Then why would somin openly announce what happened if there’s something between her and jong kook knowing that he’ll get jealous? Just saying

  5. kwangmin seriously messed me up. y'all shipping kookmin/chanmin and here i am trying to jump ships but my heart still hurts!!!1!1!

  6. ok just to clarify se chan said "hyung" (korean word for one man to another, older man) and looked back but at everyone, not just jong kook bc yjs and haha and kwangsoo were all teasing him. stop trying to make unnecessary loveline work…

  7. this commemt section is ridiculous. ? Jongkook is always like that. Remember he also showed his jealousy looks and talks to Jihyo in Ep445. He is just stricted. Stop making up the rumors. And it starts annoying So-Min love line with everyone. Just 2,3episodes is enough.

  8. I’ve been shipping KookMin as siblings but ever since Running Man brought up the idea that they might one day announce their wedding SO RANDOMLY. I feel like the members were somehow getting us prepared… and tbh I didn’t want to give it so much thought. But it seems like there really is something going on between them. Whether if it’s true or not, I just hope they find happiness ^^

  9. Well i really miss monday couple love line???? btw i can see jaesuk was kinda of worry but he believe somin can handle it?


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