Should Epic BRING BACK Double Pump? Would It be Good In Chapter 2? (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I talk with Ninja about if Epic should bring back double pump? would it make sense in chapter 2? Hope you guys enjoy all this Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 gameplay lately! So much content in the new update!

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  1. Ninja this ain't chapter 1 anymore bro, your not the best player on the squad and shouldn't have that I'm the best ego on the team. Everytime this guy dies all that you hear is backseat gaming…

  2. I feel like with the lower rarity pumps being nerfed hard, double pump would really fit on them. As for the purple/gold, it would be overpowered to hit two 100s/110s in a row so it should only be on the grey-blue.

  3. I think double pump should be added back only because the state of pumps and tacks right now, all shot guns are so inconsistent. Pumps need to be reverted back to the state they were in back in season 6, that was the peek of the shot guns. If epic doesn't add back in double pump they should at least shorten the cool down between swaps.

  4. Even if double pump won’t be added back to pubs or competitive let us turn off shotgun delay in creative so we can use it with out friends

  5. sypher dropping frames: oh no im on 230 fps
    me a mobile player: (goes down to 10 fps) guys my frames just dropped a bit

  6. If they bring back douvle pump they should not put it on arena. People will be mad. I dont really know if mobile can do it or even switch anyways at the moment where double pump was here. There were no arena so if we try double pump in arena,that would be a huge problem imagine you have 2 pumps and there is some things that you need to take for scrims,well you will be stuck by different things that you want but thats what i think about double pump back in the game mostly every one forgot about it.

  7. Bruh tell ninja he needs to stfu and agree double should come back,he don’t even play this game anymore and everyone wants it back but his dumb self

  8. Sypher, buddy, i appreciate your vids, the educational commentaries are fucking fantastic btw, but for this one you talked about double pump for like 5 seconds then the rest of the vid is gameplay. Now I understand that being a content creator and finding things to discuss must be really hard, but I clicked on the vid for a in-depth discussion about double pump. Feeling slight clickbait vibes. I would suggest something more of discussing how double pump would affect the community, how epic could either nerf it to keep it fair, or buff it, or maybe make it a mythic weapon that takes up two slots like the bandage bazooka and then discuss fair damage output and how it should be used, idk man but there’s a lot of stuff to discuss, ideas to come up with and I did wish you expanded on the topic. Good videos tho, I’m looking forward to more educational commentary

  9. That shows u, that I are the best no cap. That’s crazy man. Yo health was mad low. It felt crazy to watch ima play like u one day no cap, I just started mouse and key bored. I’m switching to pc soon so ima get my active in now.

  10. been really happy watching alot of Sypher's videos the past few weeks. Really good player. Not trying to dis at all because I am not as good but Spots where he should be jump padding away for the res instead of focusing enemies is what makes him great instead of a Pro. Just need to work on those types of decisions.

  11. I think they should take skill base out of all standard gamemodes as in solos and duos and put console players in console player only lobbies along with pc players in pc players lobbies

    My opinion ?

  12. I've been saying this for such a looooooooooong time but double pump will literally make fun again. The last time fornite was fun was when double pump was in the game, Shotgun dominate game will always be the best. None of the spray shit. Building and shotgunning. None of that stupid box fight shit.Bring double pump back and bring the old map back.

  13. “ 73 % of you are not subscribed to this channel “ didn’t have to come at me like that ?? IM SUBSCRIBED TO THIS ONE TOO THOUGH NOW

  14. If ninja doesn’t like controller players, WHY NOT TELL EPIC THAT they should make it like back in the day when pc players played with pc and console played with console


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