Shin Sae-kyeong and Park Ki-woong turn Cha Eun-woo into a blushing bride ?| Ring or Bling [ENG SUB]


It’s ONE. BIG. MESS for maknae Cha Eun-woo as Shin Sae-kyeong and Park Ki-woong show no mercy. ?

Hey, in Ring or Bling, it’s every person for themselves!

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  1. Major big brother and big sister vibes. They were torturing him and taking care of him at the same time. ?

  2. Due to the look of some artist, they can only play certain roles. Both SSK and Cha are too beautiful, young and have innocent look that may be a disadvantage.

  3. rookie historian is actually good tho…Eunwoo's character (Prince Dowon, aka Yi Rim) is actually my least favorite, and then my two favorite characters.

  4. The guy on brown jacket…. he had a movie wayway back right? With a japanese girl trying to teach her korean…love it tho…ehehehe….quality movie…

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Shin sae kyeong and Park ki woong have amazing chemistry. Like I like and ship her and eunwoo's character on the show but her and park ki woong off set are cute!


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