Protests break out in Germany ahead of G20 summit


Thousands of people are taking part in a protest against the Group of 20 summit of world leaders. The protesters are billing it as “G20: Welcome to Hell,” and authorities are wary of potential violence.

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  1. That Hamburg is a city in Germany everyone should know that. But Americans need that notice because they have no clue of geography.

  2. die eltern des sprechers sind definitiv geschwister, sonst würde er nicht so dreist lügen. scheisse wenn der stammbaum ein kreis ist

  3. Well, they shouldn't have done that in Hamburg. It would have worked better somewhere in the south, like munich or stuttgart – for sure.

  4. The People you see getting surroundet by police are the Antifa which is very extremistic and violent in Germany.

  5. I like how they say that the protests were peacefull and show how police gets shelled with glass bottles at the same time

  6. I guess everybody should know that Hamburg is a city in Germany and not in Russia. But Americans have no clue about geography.

  7. The US-reporter thinks the noise of shootings and the smoke was caused by the police. ? Somebody should tell her that the leftist's threw firecrackers at the police and caused the "shootings" and smoke themselves.


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