Ohio Coronavirus Update: May 14, 2020


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, and ODH Director Dr. Amy Acton are sharing the latest on diagnosed cases of coronavirus in Ohio. State leaders also announced daycares, day camps, pools, gyms, campgrounds, and more will be reopening over the next two weeks.

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  1. People are idiots. The lady who lives across the street yesterday threw a "birthday party" for her kid which started at 2 pm and ended at 2 am. Nice try lady. Just used her kid as an excuse to party it down for 12 hrs. Not to mention there was like 30 people all gathered in one garage. The selfishness and ignorance of people make me FN sick. If they get sick they should be denied treatment. I shouldve called the cops on her. But i didnt. But shouldve. Entitled shitbags.

  2. Groups of 10 that are 6 feet apart is permitted. This means you have no place reporting on patios that are thriving now. Shame on you channel 6. The enemy of the people. Why dont you report on the facts. We all know that the risk to people under 70 is vastly different than people who are elderly or diseased.

  3. Channel 6 is acting like the Gestapo. Reporting to the police any bar patio that appears crowded. Shame on this fake news channel. You fabricate hysteria everywhere you go and it's your fault families have lost their income. It's your fault the economy tanked.

  4. I went to Kroger’s and most of them wore the mask below their nose. Just covering the mouth. It’s pointless to wear a mask at that point.

  5. You MUST assume that the OUTCOME of a PROFESSIONAL’S opinion or recommendation or ORDER was INTENDED.

    ITS NOT a conspiracy THEORY.

    YOU DONT have the ENTIRE WORLD lockstep LOCKDOWN and crash nearly every economy because they were “doing their best to save lives”.

    Are you going to WAKE UP or do you need to renew that prescription to Blue Pills?

  6. Nobody gives a fuc about your tie and where they graduated from eat shit you little bastard. So fake these people live in a fake world know reality .

  7. I don’t believe any of this .. my son in okc said they opened everything an doing fine this is a joke an not wherein a mask. 80 thousand People die every year of the flu an we don’t shut down an wear a mask we need herd immunity

  8. What is being done to clean the air. I am speaking of opening windows for at least 10 minutes everyday, installing proper ventilation and possibly cleaning the air inside?

  9. As far as the unemploymet, is the offices working 3 shifts or are all these hundreds of peaple you claim they have added just working 9 to 5?

  10. They are laying strict guidelines for all these places to open. I want to know if the Gov. or the Lt. Gov have been in their local Walmarts. They def are not following guidelines or wearing mask properly. Yet everyone goes there in packs. Just open everything up already. They cant force us to stay home. They work for us.

  11. The governors of each individual state DID NOT shut down their economies to help save lives. ABSOLUTE FACT. The ONE and ONLY REASON that they shut down the economies was to harm people. And that is an ABSOLUTE FACT.

  12. So 60 million going to cares act for day care? You planning on taking more money from Ohio schools to make this happen?


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