Japan: Abe says G20 was able to demonstrate unity despite challenges


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Japanese Prime Minister and the host of the G20 2019, Shinzo Abe, said that the countries were able “to unite and face the challenges”, concluding the summit in Osaka on Saturday.

He added that countries managed to “communicate a powerful message in particular with a view to finding common ground on which agreement can be reached on maintaining and developing a trade regime which is free, fair and non-discriminatory.”

Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who will host the 2020 G20 summit in turn stressed the “urgent” need to strengthen international cooperation.

“We will together with all G20 members, and particularly troika members Japan and Italy discuss pressing issues of the 21st century, and promote innovation, protect the planet and improve human well-being,” promised the Crown Prince.

Leaders of 19 of the most influential countries in the world and the European Union met in Osaka on Friday and Saturday for the 14th Group of 20 summit to discuss climate change, free trade, and economic inequalities among other issues.

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