Irene's real voice


?As I promised : here it is!! ✨
the mystery of her voice is now discovered!! ✨?

?I know, it’s a short compilation, but there are not many videos of them singing on live!!! so difficult to find it! But I hope you enjoyed this video ??


?Here’s the songs used in this video :
0:05 : Daring Woman – Suh Joo Kyung
0:15 : Peek-A-Boo
0:32 : Rebirth
1:01 : Bad Boy
1:20 : Dumb Dumb
1:26 : Psycho
1:32 : Tears – So Chan Whee
1:51 : Ice Cream Cake


☆see u next week, same hour, same day☆


☞How old are you ? ➭ 20
☞What do you edit with? ➭ Final Cut Pro
☞Where do you come from? ➭ France
☞What’s your favorite kpop group? ➭ I like many groups differently!
☞Sub goal? ➭ 100k!!!

☞Here’s an aesthetic Kpop channel that will show you the content you like to watch ?
☞How my channel works :
➭ A video every Saturday at 5pm (UTC+1)
➭ You choose the next video every Sunday by answering a survey on my channel! As simple as that!


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  1. ?Here's the songs used in this video :
    0:05 : Daring Woman – Suh Joo Kyung
    0:15 : Peek-A-Boo
    0:32 : Rebirth
    1:01 : Bad Boy
    1:20 : Dumb Dumb
    1:26 : Psycho
    1:32 : Tears – So Chan Whee
    1:51 : Ice Cream Cake

  2. her voice is very lovely and her voice is always like their cb. she's stable and can do high notes,she's very good harmonizing an rapping. stan irene

  3. I would always remember in knowing bros when the hosts were complementing her about her looks,saying she's one of the most gorgeous female idols and then,there's jonghyun who respond to them by saying "she's also do sing well" an angel ;(

  4. Her singing is very similar to their to their mv so i think their mv's has less autotune… there's not much difference ?✨?irene has a gorgeous voice?

  5. I love her voice ❤
    I love it when she sing
    But I love it more when she raps.
    Miss the era of Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb when she raps 🙂
    Irene jjang! ?

  6. Visuals usually are neglected because of their looks but they're the ones who has a very stable voices especially on stages. Stan beautiful and multi talented women. Happy women's day!♥

  7. I think her voice is better than seulgi, irene must be main vocal with wendy, and seulgi is main dancer + rapper, seulgi have badass aura,so it will be perfect

  8. She has a very natural and soothing tone of voice so I guess that's why she's average. Anyone with a voice like hers can learn how to sing properly. I still thinks she needs more practice though.

  9. Listen haters. Irene has it all
    The beauty
    The vocal talent
    The dance skills
    The 100% wifey material
    The cute height
    The personality
    The leadership that lead Red Velvet through its hardships
    I garenttee that any of the artists that you hater listen to, hasn’t got them all, or at least 50%.
    The morale of this evaluation: you just suck, jealously shouldn’t be taken out her. You’re just a bum to be honest

  10. in that first clip towards the end her voice reminds me of boa……..I never knew she was any good bc they always make her rap or sing real monotone

  11. Here irene's first solo song??
    The Only-IRENE

  12. For those of you who wants to hear Irene singing, listen to "The Only" – DJ Raiden ft. Irene

    Edit: Also, she sang Candy (RV b-side track) on her birthday. Please search and listen for it.

  13. Irene can be close to a main vocalist I always said it but I dont think she really trys lol she just flows and I live for it bitch

  14. it hurts me that she's only known as pretty face but what a lot of people don't realize is that she's a triple kill. she's good at dancing, she's so beautiful AND SHE CAN SING!! sm is just doing a horrible job showcasing her voice and IM SO MAD

  15. Her voice has still some potential. It just needs attention to vocal trainers. Although her voice is already that great.

  16. she may not be able to belt like wendy but she still has a pretty good fucking voice, go listen to would u


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