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Which has the Best Camera? Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (P40 Pro & S20+) – comparing Photos, Portraits, Zoom Lens, Selfies, Videos & More!
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  1. Personally disagreed with quite a few of those. Where you said p40 was better in certain shots, and I thought the the s20 was better

  2. You can also tone down the saturation in editing not only increase it only thing holding samsung back is themselves with there wonky image processing. But the hardware is the best

  3. I don't know about you guys but for me was only huawei for 4 years until the p40 pro, I've ordered, used it and sold it ?I don't know how many of you has the phone but yes it makes a difference in the quality and also in night time, but is has such a pinkish tone on colors that made me sold it, it makes from blue, a strange color mixed with pink, also on Grey it's the same and also as you can see in the video here, paid or not, the colors don't lie, good phone but unfortunately this time, the camera in 70 percent of the situation is good but this 30 percent of how it modified the colors on the skin /video/photos its only too too far
    @TheTechChap this is a very great video, thanks for the great Infos

  4. That sharpening on the S20 really puts me off. Samsung have always been too heavy handed when it comes to image processing.

  5. Hi these two device can take dual shot they call can take photo or video at the same time front and back some phone is built-in like huawei nova 7 pro and Nokia 7. 2 I think they say u can upload bothie apps but most not working pls I need advice before I buy the phone thank u

  6. great review I think the s20+ does a better job but the mic on the p40 pro is better thanks for doing this review.. I am in Canada and the p40 pro is coming soon. I can get a great deal 860 + Samsung ear buds. Tech Chap can you shoot a video on how to install Google playstore on P40 pro?

  7. P40 pro its more batter.. s20 only good with video.. p40 pro more cheaper and good camera.. try use the pro mood if u want the max quality pic from p40 pro… really good pic…

  8. Thanks for the video. I am highly considering p40 pro. I just have a question concerning youtube. When using a google free huawei world, will I still be able to log in to my youtube account? Is there a likely chance youtube will become difficult with browser logins or third party app log ins? I am a small youtube creator, and I need to still be able to access and upload to youtube.
    But if this is no problem I am switching to huawei immediately. Hoping for qucik answer as I am about to decide what phone to buy ?

  9. i prefer the s20 images… dynamic range,colours were better on s20. when it comes to potrait, i prefer s20 in images also. its more crisp,contrasty and look natural.. for video? samsung is the best here. the best android camera is s20 series. not google anymore. samsung has improved a lot in theire camera department. ill get mine asap.?

  10. Could you please tell me if samsung s20 plus single take mode is the same concept as hiawai p40 pro golden snap best moments mode? Thank you, I can't decide between the two

  11. P40 Pro better in term of noise, overall just a bit different, love Leica lens because it always shown this is Leica.

  12. P40 clearly won ONLY in night image and zooming capabilities that's it nothing more, that s20 plus is definitely a superior ❤

  13. hmm im comparing them as i couldn't decide which phone to get..i had been using samsung phone for over 12years now..but this time around im more leaning towards huawei p40 pro..hopefully my judgement doesnt disappoint me..sorry samsung..haha..

  14. i suppose the only issue with the P40 is the moral implications of supporting a Chinese company that supports an immoral government …

  15. hey man is there anyway that i can record videos on the p40 pro that's mirrored? there is a setting for mirroring but it only works with photos not videos and would there be an update about this?

  16. This review is unfair . I just agree that p40 is better at slow motion .And everything about the s20 + seems so much better than the p40!

  17. I still have the Huawei P20 Pro but my family and friends still think that my cp camera is still take better pictures that their iPhone or Samsung. I actually buy not so popular Cphone like Oneplus. And all phone I have had family and friends always ask me to take photos for them? I have iPhone, Oneplus and Huawei. Just ordered Samsung S20 ultra be receiving it anytime. Haven't had Samsung since their flip phones?. But I might get the Huawei P40 pro if this Samsung does not work for me.

  18. It's weird because in the beginning, the P40 mic sounds clearer with no echo but then when you were walking around, it was the S20 that sound clearer with no echo?


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