Huawei P40 Pro vs Mate 30 Pro vs P30 Pro | Which Huawei Phone is Best For Me?


Comparing the Huawei P40 Pro with the older Mate 30 Pro and P30 Pro, to see if this 2020 flagship really does upgrade the camera tech, speed, battery life and overall specs. Have a squint at my full P40 Pro unboxing for a closer look at that hardware and EMUI 10.1 software.

I’m still a massive fan of last year’s P30 Pro, as you’ll know if you’ve watched my 2020 long term review. Likewise, the Mate 30 Pro offers some serious updates, including improved video shooting and a speedy Kirin 990 chipset. The P40 Pro further tweaks that primary camera lens, with a new large-pixel 50MP sensor, while bringing back the 5x optical zoom from the P30.

Battery life is solid with all three Huawei smartphones. You get a 4200mAh cell on the P-series handsets, while the Mate offers a 4500mAh battery. Wireless charging on all, but it’s faster on the P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro.

If you’re after Google apps and services, your best bet is still the P30 Pro – after that, it’s Huawei’s App Gallery all the way.

So which blower are you most tempted by? Hope this comparison has helped!


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  1. I can upgrade, can't decide whether to go for the €670 p40 pro or €480 P30 pro (i do get a free Watch GT and freebuds 3i with the p40 pro).

  2. the only thing iam complaining about is that: both the p30 pro and mate 30 pro has the same 40mp main camera so why i can't only record in 4k 60fps on my p30 pro ?

  3. I have the Black P30 Pro VOG-L09 Version and I have nothing to complain, it never gets HOT like other smartphones even using for many hours youtube/gaming.
    I love Huawei

  4. P30 Pro is still good for me. Still up there with the new flagship P40 Pro. Unfortunately unless Huawei and Google can come to an arrangement and get Google services on Huawei's new phones, that's a bit of a deal breaker for me. I'll be happy with my P30 Pro for a few years though ?

  5. This vid is my deal breaker choosing bet p40 & p30 and I bought p30 now I want to cry ? p40 seems so exciting only I cant let go of google services

  6. I am about to change my P20 pro and the new edition P30 pro is what I really want to keep the Google services, but VFM even just the P30 pro as it is seems too good to pass on. The P40 pro is a nie piece of kit but I don't want to tinker with the software side.

  7. Doesn't really seem worth it to get the p40 pro my mate 30 pro works fine got most the apps I need from Aptoide and APKPure cameras are fantastic wnd I like the design of he mate 30 pro the best personally

  8. The P40 Pro to me just looks like a S10+ and S20+ decided to have a baby. Now the mate 30 pro is definitely not the most practical or is to handle phone. But it's definitely unique with that circular camera and waterfall display.

  9. I can handle not having not having Google Play Services but there is no way the P40 Pro is worth twice the price of the P30 Pro which I can get new for €480. Also a single speaker on a €1000 phone is unforgivable.

  10. P40 pro has too much sharpness and colors are not real… Sharpness was a problem in p30 pro and they made it worst… I am an owner of a p30 pro.. But in camera apple is the best..

  11. Iv had the P30 pro from day 1 and its still not given me any reason to be disappointed, quick and stunning looking,
    Best phone iv ever had ?

  12. Watching on my best of the best smart phone ever P30 Pro. It will be replaced by a P50 Pro ONLY. By that time I'm hoping either Harmony OS is fully developed or Mr. Trump will stop following lobbyists for Apple and allow Google to work again with Huawei. Btw the night mode on the P30 Pro is actually superior to the P40 Pro. The only improvement on the P40 Pro is the ultra wide lenses (low light) and the video 4K 60fps. Waiting impatiently now for the EMUI 10.1 to be available for update on the P30 Pro. Hopefully there will be even more improvements to the camera app with it. This is by far the best phone I ever had. Over 1 year later and it's still as good as the first day I bought it and not a single scratch on it… even without a screen protector.

  13. Thanks for the video. This pretty much makes my mind up to upgrade from my P20 Pro to the P30 Pro. I can get one SIM free for £500 then get a SIM with 30GB data for £10 per month. The extra features of the P40 Pro do not outweigh the extra cost or the lack of Google services, not by a long way.


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