We finally having stunning renders of the huawei p40 pro and it looks incredible!

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The huawei p40 pro is the upcoming smartphone from huawei and it looks insane. While we haven’t initially had too much to go on we finally have stunning cinematic renders of the huawei p40 pro. In todays video we go over the specs, design, launch & price of the huawei p40 pro along with an official unboxing and hands on video. Alon with the p40 pro we also get the p40 pro PE which is short for the P40 pro premium edition. We get the standard huawei p40 and finally we get the huawei p40 lite

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  1. I like huawei but … Dont support… Nevermind, i dont want to be racist…. But i dont know if US company and korea company will handle my info with care…

    You know what i mean if you read this comment…

  2. Well, if they launch the P40 Pro without Google services, it's going to fail in the west… Who is going to buy it?

  3. Since the galaxy s20 doesnt come with a headphone jack I'll pick up a P40 pro pe.
    No way I'm paying over 1k for a device that has no jack

  4. Huawei: Why pay for phone designers when Samsung and Apple can just do it for us…all we have to do is just wait for their latest flagship launch…its that easy…

  5. sucks that i probably wouldn't be able to get the p40 pro and will have to wait for the p50 Pro because my p20 pro that I've owned for about 2 years now won't break and isn't showing any signs of slowing or bugs or weakening battery. can't justify buying a brand new flagship phone when my current one is still working fine

  6. I just got stung by Vodafone (I think?)….Persuaded me to upgrade to the P30 pro, when I would probably have preferred the Note 10+. But now I am thinking I should have waited for the P40 PE….I haven't opened the package yet…any thoughts?
    (camera and screen are my most crucial fearures)

  7. I own a P20 Pro almost two year old but still very fast no hang at all… I'll replace my phone with p40 Pro in future

  8. hate the distracting blemish aka dual pinhole in the front thats just copying Samsung and hated that, notch is better, in 2020 was expecting an under screen selfie camera with no pinhole or notch , looks like they havent been able to do it :(, and now no google apps..would pick the p30 pro over the 40 as has google play store.

  9. I don't believe it will have a quad HD display due to battery consumption. It's going to be F-HD plus display.

  10. I am p20pro user. I want to change new this year but i am used to hold curve screen but all top speck phone Huawei also samsung has curve screen, i am worry slippery or else. Due mostly i dont put cover as its beauty dont hide

  11. Samsung phone i have has let me down massively :(… all my family have huawei phones. I was really tempted to go for p30 pro but now eagerly and desperatly waiting for p40 pro release. I hope google play store is available. Plz huawei release these quick :D.. thanks for the video


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