How to Use Zoom Mobile App For Free Video Conferences


Zoom Cloud Meeting is a great app for video conferences and virtual video meetings.

You can easily join a meeting, create your own meeting, share files, screen share and much more using the Zoom app for iOS and Andriod.

Zoom also has a desktop app you can get here:

You can learn about the Zoom desktop app for Mac and PC here:

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  1. Can we use 1 app at the same time for two different (ID's and passwords) . Like if we have 2 kids and only 1 phone?

  2. Hi there i have a zoom interview, but they haven't sent me any link etc, will they just phone up and I will speak to them through audio, like im chatting on a telephone?

  3. I need help. As a host , when uploading a picture for others to see how do you stop participants from scribbling and colouring the picture, very annoying

  4. Will the record button displays both the parties on the screen in the recording? Also how to share the file to the other person for them to access? Suppose if I take an interview of another person for YouTube collaboration, I am the host, should I share the file with them to upload or should I upload and how will I get that file?

  5. Can you talk to your friends and family on that or just work meeting schools in college college can do that. ? !

  6. I created a meeting for the first time on my android device and I sent a meeting invitation via email to a friend who used Zoom on her PC. After she connected to the meeting, I was able to see her video and hear her audio; she could see my video but not hear my audio. I checked to see if my audio was muted and it was not muted. I next checked the Zoom settings to see if my audio was muted; it was not muted. I just recently used Zoom as a meeting participant on my Android and this is the first time that I tried to create and setup a Zoom meeting on my android.

  7. Madonna…!
    Have you tried this App…!
    Not sure if this App is available for seniors over 64 years old…

  8. Hi thanks for your video ! I would like to make a music video with a friend in distance but how to record it ?

  9. Ive been trying to invite some friends and it says zoom is not supported by your browser. It worked perfeclty yesterday and all the days before.! Only people with iPhone can not join without code any idea how to do?


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