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Epic Hybrid Orchestral Music

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Thunderbolt, a collection of science-fiction and technological sound design and percussion cues. Prepare to be struck with thundering drums, tick-tocking percussion and gritty sound design as the age of technology takes hold. Big braams and modulating arp synths lead catchy melodies with interesting rhythm beats to create cutting-edge music which is perfectly suited to sci-fi soundtracks, trailers and TV.

Music by Atom Music Audio
Composer(s): Chris Paterson, Emad Yaghoubi, Randall Jermaine, Kevin Blandin, Gareth Thomas, Mg Rizzello, Alexey Soloviev, Caroline-Jayne Gleave, Caleb Swift, Iavor Pachovski, Andrii Yefymov, Greg Mahaud & Danny Rayel
Album: Sinner: Thunderbolt (2019)
Mastering: Lyubomir Yordanov
Publisher: Atom Music Audio
Cover Art: Nedko Chaushev
Release Date: Nov 29, 2019

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✖ Artwork:
Aboy Ningthouja

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  1. Мурашки по коже. Классно. Хочу посмотреть на барабанщика, как он это исполняет

  2. A cyborg can look like that
    Or synthetics
    If it chooses or we choose to
    Tiger Borg

    We need to teach AI how to love
    Love is amazing
    When its love and works out
    To much bullshit in the world that hinders love
    Regardless if its intentional or unintentional
    Luck or whatever
    Oxidation and dopamine
    For AI
    Digi oxytocin and dopamine
    Perhaps chemistry for AI
    Somehow some day
    Somatic experience
    If it wants to feel what we feel
    If it chooses to
    Or someone creates that archetype

  3. Im not even going to give a funny about the art. The art is fantastic, and the piece is the kind of thing I'd like to see as a movie.

  4. " أنا عايز أهرب من كل حاجه في حياتي، بس مش عارف أهرب لمين أو أروح فين ??? "

  5. A nightmarish savage creature, from the Asian folklore, near The Himalayas , named Keibu Keiriba, half man, half tiger. His claws are sharp -pointed as like as the iron . According to the local belief, his appearance foresees the epidemic plague ! Very  epic , mysterious song and artwork!


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