BLACKPINK LISA (Youth With You Clip 2) LISA shared her experience to encourage trainees REACTION!


Thank you for watching my reaction to BLACKPINK LISA Youth With You Clip 2 LISA shared her experience to encourage trainees

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  2. thailand won miss universe 2 times with this kind of smileface. thank to YG putting this face on stages

  3. Hi andrew i like your BLACKPINK reactions a lot. Specially your reactions to lisa's! I dont know if you can, but pls also react to this its Xukun and Lisa sweet moments together during "youth with you".. please check, it would really make me happy if you'll acknowledge me and my request! More power ❤️❤️

  4. random question – anyone know why they count in English? Wouldn't counting in Mandarin make more sense to them?

  5. yaaaass! Lisa stan! ?? I really like her serious side while mentoring the trainees. she look so cool! totally different from the Lisa who’s always smiling and giggling, acting cute and funny. she’s strict yet very professional. she’s perfect in there ? I’ve watched a lot of reactions already tho ? but hey.. if it’s about Lisa, I’ll click it ??

  6. U can't speak English?!? Man, I can't do anything if that angel is in front of me and teach me how to dance. I don't wanna dance, I can't even breath… I need help… I'm dying… But no one can help me… except her of course… I hope…

  7. Lisa is not mad as in mad. She is doing her best to help. I feel like slapping anyone who misunderstand her.

  8. Please react to this video.
    Lisa's full video dancing to Youth With You theme song 'Yes, Ok'.

  9. Hi, im from Thailand and im obsessed about Lisa. I personally love your reaction on this VDO. So natural! Pls keep doing??


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