Amber Heard’s Case Further DESTROYED by Javier Bardem!


Amber Heard’s Case Further DESTROYED by Javier Bardem!

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  1. Manipulative people are extremely dangerous and calculative. A beautiful manipulative woman with emotional issues/mental health/drug use issues compound the level of shits he had to deal with. When they got married I saw through it immediately that she was after his money and fame. Not long after the allegations surfaced and divorce so my instinct about AH was spot on. From the audio evidence, it was very clear that she was manipulative, immature, narcissistic and all the things we don’t want in a woman. The lesson here is for men to smarten up. Be involved with good hearted women and don’t let the dick take over your head.

  2. Because you gave my two posts on Tesla n Delvingne likes ❤️ even tho I was being a pedantic asshole, I decided to subscribe to ur channel buddy.

  3. This girl still has the audacity to as fot johny’s condo, range rover, 10k a month and 50k a month for fashion an makeup. After she abuses him, called him names and almost killed him because he contracted MRSA caused by the injury on his finger after their huge fight in which she threw a large vodka bottle onto his middle finger, TWICE !!! SICK WOMAN ! She deserves jail time after what she did

  4. I’m glad Johnny Depp is finally being exonerated. Now everyone please help Keanu Reeves with his “problem”.

  5. The tapes were awful. There’s no way she’s abused. You live on eggshells trying to keep the peace. She was aggressive and antagonistic. She stated that she was trying to get through the door to get to him.

  6. I think the main point is not to jump to conclusions. Everyone deserves to be listened to when they report abuse. We know it happens. But wait until all the evidence is laid out before destroying people’s reputations and careers. It goes both ways. I also wish people would stop making this about feminism and me too. If she is a proven liar or abuser then let that come out and don’t tar everyone with the same brush. Not every feminist was taking sides. Just like not every person who turned their back on Johnny was a feminist. Let the courts sort it out.

  7. Dude, do you really not know who Javier Bardem is??? He is a well-respected and well-established award winning international actor. Not as big a "celebrity" as Johnny, but someone critically acclaimed with his art.

  8. I’m a d*mn “survivor” and have never been heard and that is, in part, by females like her. I’m never about feminism because MOST, are toxic things just like Amber… She grew up with normal people; she wasn’t always famous so she’s known/known of victims. This was not from a place of ignorance (taking advantage of the m2 movement or the BLM movement as well) from being in Hollywood her whole life. It was very calculated and there’s no excuse for any of it . (AND) Why these supporters don’t speak reality instead of only kind words, when this is a battle for his very LIFE, I don’t get. I also don’t believe in supporting him just to not be a witness in the court, as the public is not a court of law and that’s where their presence is MOST needed.

  9. from other videos and information what other deals has A.H. destroyed oh haha she try her best in many ways to Johnny Depp's life hell isn't working out well for her now or later lol

  10. I will boycott anything Amber Heard is involved with. Funny, Johnny Depp was born beautiful, Elon Musk with all his plastic surgery is still homely.

  11. Amber Turd's "friends" who were accomplices in this mess should also be legally held accountable if they lied in court or lied about her being hit by depp….anyone who helped fabricate evidence is in big trouble…CAN I GET AN AMEN!

  12. I have never seen clips from court like hers , she was doing whatever she wanted, whenever. I really hope they crack down on her and Johnny wins this case ! Iv always believed from the start that there was something wrong with her stories, she just looked like she was lying. And from this past year I hope the whole world sees it now.

  13. Johnny gives off an air of calm and patience, I think he’s an incredible person and actor. Amber is a disgusting person with prior history of abusing others

  14. You are so right about the metto. It is actually causing harm to real abused woman AND man. I have been the target for abusers a couple of times. They were men, but that is not important. What is important is under their surface they all share the same traits. Lying, arrogance, manipulation, narcissism and deception. They can be of any gender nationality and age. But deep down You recognize them almost as a certain kind of breed. I live in Sweden by they way, and one of my abuser were from another europén country, one from here. Different shallow personalities but in the end they are all acting almost strangely the same. Torget their gender, nationalities, ages, and how they appear in public. The same.


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