Amber Heard is TOXIC to Johnny Depp’s Children! Depp Complains!


Amber Heard is TOXIC to Johnny Depp’s Children! Depp Complains!

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  2. she abuse Johnny Depp and his kids who else can she abuse and she tried to abuse Johnny Depp's life what is next for to ruin

  3. She didn’t care at all about his children or how this would affect them , ambers all about they money and exposure anything to be in the spotlight ,

  4. My darling husband Johnny' s kids and my gorgeous stepkids lilyrose and Jack love their dad so much they don't believe anything she says

  5. I don't believe she cared how Johnny's kids would feel about anything she did or said.. let's be real here. she has gone out of her way to belittle shame humiliated etc Johnny time and time again. In front of his kids his friends his bodyguards her friends her employees etc. she took the fact that Johnny doesn't like to argue as a weakness. this is what I have to say to her > What A Tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  6. Johnny should of really did a back round check on Amber cause it was public knowledge she had a history of abuse and being of wrong side of being a normal human being,and he should of stayed with his lovely wife and kids the fool.

  7. It's unbelievable what someone is able to do to earn money. She doesn't even think about his kids! I can't wait to the day this nightmare Johnny is living in will finally end.

  8. Not only should she have to give that 8mil from the divorce settlement back ahe should also get those houses she keep that were his that she has her friends living in rent free. I honestly want johnny to be a pure ass whole in a good way you cant be nice to everyone she needs to hit not rock bottom this bih needs to hit a vibranium bottom

  9. You’re giving Amber too much credit. That narcissistic monster doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. This is just what toxic, disordered women do when you try to leave them! Smearing your reputation and destroying you financially, emotionally is their modus operandi… They want to hit you where it hurts. Your family, reputation and your wallet. Same thing happened to me and my kid when I finally dumped my BPD Ex. It’s a massive narcissistic injury to their ego so they set out to punish you severely. They don’t care that they left you no choice but to leave them and know exactly what they are doing. They are evil and sadistic. It’s hard for normal people to even comprehend the depths of their depravity. The cognitive dissonance is incredibly difficult to deal with.

  10. Well money wise johnny was living a dream and spending milions on his houses and collections of art and stuff which is how he always imagined his life and what he deserved and having to go through that is different and difficult for him he doesn't want to end up in a situation in which he has to sell his belongings in order to pay bills with the amount of properties he have there is a great amount of bills and these need maintenance beside Jack sparrow was his career hit before that he was getting 5-10 million per film but with pirates of the Caribbean he was getting paid a minimum of 50 million per film which meant he could relax and enjoy his life with music and stuff but after that he went into a point in which he was almost broke and playing with his band saved him from having to sell the house that the kids grew up in and lily rose asked her father not to sell it because it meant so much for her
    I think he deserves to get the money from amber because she definitely did harm him financially

  11. I watched the Movie "The Rum Diary" last night. And Johnny Depp looks so young, trim and handsome in that movie. Fast forward to 4 years later with Amber, Johnny looks old, bloated, unhappy. You can tell all of the stress she caused him, really aged him. And also made him drink more. You could tell he just looked worn out and defeated from all the Amber drama !!!

  12. This is the worst to part of the whole bizarre situation. Is that his kids had to go to school and have bullies say, so your dad is a wife beater?" Can you imagine his poor kids having to deal with this psycho.???

  13. Undermining the other's self confidence
    belittling em at every possible ways and tun.
    another narcissistic trait.

  14. What upsets me is that when Mr. Depp was interviewed, Amber Heard had already LOST the Domestic Abuse case. People just didn't bother to do a little research, it was easier to be hand fed Ms. Heard's lies.

  15. I agree.. Johnny’s reputation, income, career, livelihood, was extremely affected by her actions. Also as I’ve been a victim of all kinds of abuse in the past, I’m side it’s affected him psychologically, his ability to trust, open up to people, and how he relates to people going forward now. There’s just so many layers for someone to heal until they can move forward. For myself I have a therapist who does trauma therapy with me and has suggested EMDR. I just hope Johnny does have the emotional support and help that he deserves outside of the public eye so that he can recover from this.

  16. Man, I feel sorry for the kids being dragged into the whole thing. Good thing that the court declined her dismissal plea and now we’ll starting to see justice for Depp.

    Anyways, on a side note, I hope you and your family are safe in Japan. I was saddened by the death of Ken Shimura, a favorite Japanese comedian of mine, due to the Covid-19

  17. Heard's stans were wishing death on Lily rose threatening her over posting a picture of her as a baby with him and saying he'd always been a good dad on Instagram I wasn't aware of the case at that time but it bothers me a teen-ager should not get death threats for supporting their own father and saying he was a good dad

  18. He needs to remember we all make mistakes n yeah it could hurt the kids where all human soooo the best thing he can do is bring her down and then move on n learn dont do same mistake twice n get closer to his children spend time with them they will all move on and forget about the prostutute ..oops sorry slipped out i meand amba turd

  19. Oh, it’s crossed my mind many times. I felt so bad for him having to look people in the eye he’s known for years and know they’re thinking he secretly beats his loved ones behind closed doors. He’ll never fully regain his good reputation.

  20. You are giving her to much credit saying she didn’t mean to hurt his kids. She knows exactly what she is doing she just doesn’t care it’s all about what she gains from all these lies she has told. She’s an embarrassment to all the decent women out there.

  21. ? This whole time, I’ve been putting myself in Johnny’s shoes because he went through a smear campaign, a public altering of truth, a bewilderment in the mind of what is happening? Is this even real? It’s something that takes incredible support to overcome

    I usually don’t pay attention to celebrity lives but my heart is in this supporting Johnny because I experienced something similar to this from an ex abuser

    Good things always come back around for good people though. I love ? Karma, as life is getting back to harmony again as super loving, empathic people are coming into my life ??☮️

  22. Johnny has to take responsibility for bringing that toxic women in to his life, he was abused for three years before he married making her part of those kids family, Johnny's totally at fault for those kids pain.

  23. I can't even find a word to describe how I feel..I fucking adore this human being and seeing all the shit he went through these past four years, idk man it's tearing my heart apart ?

  24. Nice one … yea nobody ever thinks about the aftermath of shit like this and how it affects not only those directly involved but indirectly. Of course next to nothing will happen to her cause bitches be hypocrites cause if this was a guy doing it they would want him strung up.

  25. Johnny got a dog for his daughter coz she said she liked Amber's dog. But amber took that dog away from a child… The kept him during the divorce but soon after she started dating musk, that dog vanished. There are no new photos of that dog…. So where is that dog and what did she do to it? I won't put it past a narc to hurt a poor puppy to get back at her ex. Where is Boo??

  26. That's really sad sure these things Affected on their life but the good thing is that both of them never believe that stuff and they stand by Johnny right from the beginning

  27. Amber knew exactly what she was doing. Narcissists will use anyone they can to get at their initial target. Including children! She was probably hoping they would turn against their own dad. Narcissists think they're above any consequences.

  28. Just like all abuse cases the children become collateral damage. Thank God she never had a kid. Amber NEVER cared about anyone but what she wants. She is unable to be normal. She has to control everything. I wish Lilly Rose and jack nothing but the best. Their father will be vindicated. His kids hated her from day 1. They will not believe it. But you are correct. It messes with the kids minds. God bless you and your family and stay healthy.


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