A used iMac is the best Mac you can buy: Here's why


Used iMacs have some of the best value of any Mac on the market. In today’s video I’ll be going over the reason why a used iMac is a great purchase and introduce a number of iMac projects I have coming up over the next few weeks!

Upgrade parts used on this iMac:
Adhesive strips:
240gb SSD (similar):

500gb SSD:
1tb SSD:
16gb RAM Kit:

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  1. I bought one for $620. Maybe a little overpriced but it runs perfectly besides that SLOW hard drive that absolutely needs an upgrade to an SSD!

  2. Value they produce 😀 😀 funny guy. 
    – Dropped 32bit support 
    – weird ports only 1% of people on Earth are using
    – wine compatibility is broken
    – legacy software is done
    – hardware is soldered or glued (including iMacs !!)
    – next to no or poor gaming
    – "normal" temperature is 90 degrees Celsius in 20 seconds
    – cheating repairs (see Louis Rossmann)
    – same design (think different right?)
    – crappy keyboards and mouse
    – dropping wifi/BT issues on many models
    – price to performance ratio is very poor (900euro gaming desktop is 3x more powerful than 2700 euro iMac)
    – many programs are not compatible due to poor macOs development
    – weird design choice you HAVE to accept because Apple knows best
    – no such thing as LTS because every year there is new macOS version
    – paying for everything only thing Apple is really expert at is taking money from you
    – need for dongles dongles dongles (audio jack dongle, usb-A dongle, card reader dongle, hdmi dongle,…)
    – to this day 0 support for 4k video via Safari, doing that via Chrome will take your battery life because codecs and stuff
    – the moment you buy something in 1 year it is obsolete and you are a moron because you didnt buy the latest iPC ++ S Max

  3. The first thing that goes is the hard drive, that's replaceable. The next to go is the motherboard, that's not replaceable. The motherboard is proprietary for the imac and after five years, you can't get a replacement unless you buy one used. Good luck if you buy one that is over 5 years old.

  4. Pretty good video but it's just not true that "every imac in existence has upgradable ram and storage." I believe every smaller imac since at least 2015 has soldered ram, and the ssds also have issues being upgraded

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  6. Hi Luke. I'm trying to avoid a costly GPU mistake. would you know whether my early iMac 2009 24" with GT130 (512mb) will accept this GPU – Dell Alienware M17x R2 17.3" Nvidia GTX 285M 1GB Video Card, best regards Darren, UK.

  7. I have a late 2009, if I were to buy a new used, what would be the best year to purchase? Enjoy your channel.

  8. Would you consider the 21 inch ‘portable enough’ to bring on stage for music performances that utilize ram intensive plugins?

  9. I have a late 2015 iMac with soldered in ram!! “Every iMac in existence “you say has upgradeable ram!, where am I going wrong?

  10. Long as you dont fall for them mofo's on eBay that be like "OS-2020" and shit Luke is right. You can get a good deal

  11. I bought an NVME and I use it as external system for my iMac 2017. It’s fast as a storm. No comparison with fusion drive.
    I’ve heard that this strips from amazon are with different quality and can happen that screen can fell off. So I had a plan to do it in an service to have warranty. But turns out this external NVME is even better idea

  12. I ran a full time recording studio, became a huge deal in my city, and supported by family of four based on a used iMac mid-2012 I turned into a new life. I only replaced it 5 months ago. Not because it broke, not because it was not enough, but because I wanted the spec of 128gb ram. My kids have it now and it's still strong as a bull. There's no reason to buy any other Mac but the newer iPad's for $250-$400. Even used Macbook's will match new ones unless you're making star wars 6.

  13. You've been downvoted for comparing a desktop machine to a flipping LAPTOP instead of comparing this machine to its actual competitor for the same purpose which is the Mac Pro.
    So you just made me watch an entire video waiting for the comparison that never came.
    Anyone point me to any videos doing a PROPER comparison of this product?

  14. I agree with you but the vast majority of us don't know how to (properly) disassemble the iMac to upgrade its components. As such, your intentions are great but in practice they can almost never be achieved by non IT people.

  15. Can you turned on voice over and test a iMac for a totally blind person. Please let me know where to get a use iMac that do anything I need to do for cnc machine thanks!

  16. Hey Luke, i've got a iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009) and mainly use it for Adobe Creative software/design work. It's super slow and frustrates the life out of me. Apple suggested I reinstall OS which made no difference. Is there a way of upgrading/getting it back to its old self without selling and getting something new?


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