2019 Apple 4K 21.5-Inch iMac Desktop Review // Is This the Best Value Mac Available?


Apple has a wide selection of desktop computers and only recently updated them with improved specs but decided to keep the same design despite rumors of a newly refreshed iMac lineup with reduced bezels and a bigger screen. However, Apple did really good in improving the internals of this computer and is arguably one of the best values for apple computers. You can get this 21.5″ iMac with a 6-core processor capable of powering through moderate to heavy tasks without a problem especially if upgrading RAM or upgrading to a Vega Graphics Card. With so many options to choose from including the 27 Inch iMac, the Mac mini, the imac pro and the soon to be released Mac Pro, how does this desktop stack up against the rest of Apple’s offerings? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Shoutout to my brother for letting me borriw his iMac to film and review. He has a soccer channel where he goes in depth on football analysis and news. Consider subscribing to his channel! You won’t regret it! ?

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  1. dood u are all over the map on what you are saying about this computer…this is awesome..whats are they thinking

  2. Sorry but you're wrong the 21.5" iMac is totally upgradable, YOU CAN DIY the SSD, NVME flash drive and memory. 
    DON'T pay Apples jacked up prices for their "upgrades" DIY it's not that difficult. I agree the top model 21'5" is the best to get though.

  3. Better yet… buy a pc for around 1000 bucks with way superior hardware and save money at the same time…^^ …. Mac hardware is a joke for the price.

  4. I’m looking to upgrade my slow ass 2012 iMac. But I don’t really wanna spend loads I just want a faster product again. I’m thinking this

  5. The HD's do go bad, and these 21.5 inch bad boys cant be easily opened without maybe trashing the screen (you need to take it to a mac savvy tech person for upgrading). For entry into the mac, ecosystem get a MacBook pro that can be open from the bottom by screws upgrade to SSD and Ram ( make sure they are mac certified, read the reviews before buying). Also, for gaming just get windows pc. Having both pc and mac I tend to use the MacBook pro more than seating in front of my pc (not much of a gamer these days). I can just be on the couch, kitchen table, desk, or just on the bed looking at Netflix or other content. Love how silent the Macbook Pro's are.

  6. I’m so lost right now, so undecided ??‍♀️.. whether to get a laptop or desktop ?. We are building a small studio/blogging room. What is more convenient?? Laptop can be moved around.

  7. No thanks, got Late 2009 21-inch model for 80 euros on eBay, boots and works faster than those newer ones I checked at the store after I maxed RAM and installed SSD instead of superdrive. And speaker sound is awesome too.

  8. After Windows 10 crashed on my six month HP all-in-one two days ago, i’m thinking it’s time to introduce my ipad and iphone with a MAC. The best HP can do is send me a thumb drive to reinstall windows. I don’t need more than the base model Mac.

  9. I’m planing to get this 21.5 inch iMac , since my laptop 5 year old and has a reputation of no WiFi ip and simple bad . So I’m looking forward to this since I’m in quarantine rn and I could you this for my studying ??

  10. I order 1,499 model and I don’t care about the camera lmfaooo I don’t even use it on my laptop so I’m good

  11. got this computer with an i7, fusion drive, and bought 32gb of ram separate. using Logic Pro X without any issues.

  12. I currently have a base model 2018 MacBook Air< am thinking about trading it in for the $1200.00 iMac with 16gb ram, ssd and a magic keyboard with number pad?

  13. The base model is just fine for me. The reason why I want this is because of the Apple ecosystem, store pictures, video, documents and iTunes. This will be my first Apple computer.

  14. Do you mean that with this 2019 model, I won't be able to upgrade the RAM by myself and would have to recourse to the aftersale service? This is sooooo dumb? I did the upgrade myself for my 2008 Macbook Pro and it was so easy. How come they are making things difficult now. This is not fair


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