16" MacBook Pro vs 2019 5K iMac – Best Value Mac?


Is portability with the 16″ MacBook Pro worth it compared to extra performance on the 5K iMac? Is it still powerful enough?!
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In this video, we compare the performance and features of the 16″ MacBook Pro to the 2019 5K iMac to see if the MacBook Pro is powerful enough to leave the iMac behind.

We test various things like Geekbench 5 and Unigine Heaven Gaming benchmarks and video editing in Final Cut Pro X.

We see where the MacBook Pro shines and where the 5K iMac shines.

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  1. Which Mac do you think is the better choice? Or which one did you buy? Comment below and subscribe!
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  2. Thanks for this video. I think I’ll just get the imac 27 inch because I can use my iPad and the keyboard I bought for it for portability purposes if needed.

  3. will apple products across the board go on sale due to global economic uncertainty and upcoming market crash??? hmmmm I think Q3 numbers may influence a price drop.

  4. hi, max tech! what would you recommend for a student who's looking to do some light video editing (planning to start a youtube channel)? i already have an ipad air 3, and was wondering if i should get the base mbp or get an imac (within the same price range)? thanks!

  5. Hey! I’ve been looking for to get either iMac 27’” or Macbook Pro 16-inch but I just can’t decide which one would fit me the best. It would be mainly used in day-to-day tasks and music production (producing and audio recording). Any help on this one pls haha?

  6. My iMac just die and i need to finish a project. Should i buy a 16”inch mbp with 16 gb ram or iMac 27 with 32gb ram.

  7. I'm would like to know the performance difference the base i7 16" Macbook pro vs a Base i5 iMac 27" just with the 512gb ssd upgrade is… not the top of the line ones….
    I plan on ordering one….
    I could in theory get the Macbook pro tomorrow at Best Buy for $2199
    Or Order the Based i5 27" with 512gb ssd for $2099… but then I would have to wait 4 weeks according to apple site…..

  8. With the Macbook and no need for a big monitor, you can save money for the power. The Macbook needs less power. In my country you can also save money with the MBP instead of the iMac

  9. Let’s wait for new iMac coming out this year to get proper comparison. New iMac will certainly faster than old with somewhat faster cpu and potentially much better GPU – Navi21?

  10. Hello, when gaming,even just Minecraft my macbook sounds like a plane. Is this a problem? It's louder than my 2010 macbook pro…

  11. Si un Français passe par là est-ce qu'il pourrait me dire c'est quoi la conclusion final stp d'après ce que je comprends le iMac est mieux que le Macbook pro ?

  12. Does anyone know how these MBPs perform with external monitors?
    I’m thinking of pairing it with an ultra wide screen

  13. I went to Apple ready to buy the 2nd Level 27" iMac 5K ($1999) so I can upgrade to the SSD 512 you recommended before and do the 8 Core..but I was concerned with over heating as there is only one fan in there..but the Genius Bar and Sales person said for what I am using it for (Creating and adjusting photos of antiques on line while I have multiple windows open to listen to YouTube and sites to research pieces) the 6 Core 3.1 that is standard they said is way good enough and there is no need to spend the extra $400+ on the 8 Core you are reviewing here.
    They suggested spending that money instead on the increased RAM coupled with the SSD 512 Hard drive. Am I making a mistake no doing 8 Core..I sure would like to save the $ if it makes hardly any difference to quickness and may add heat to the unit that would sorten it's life. Right now I'm using a 2 Core Early 2009 iMac.

  14. Get the 16" macbook pro and just have a thunderbolt EGPU, thunderbolt display, thunderbolt storage and a thunderbolt dock and you will have the ultimate desktop and laptop experience in one computer.

  15. The question is, what to you do with your computer, when you are out of home-office? Only E-mail, Spreadsheet and some media consumption, or really heavy work?


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